How to Find a Job After the Military

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Spending time in the military can be a rewarding experience in many ways. You learn a lot of skills and come back with many stories that will stick with you for the rest of your life. However, how do you transition from the military back into in a civilian job? Here are some ways you can improve your odds of getting a job when you are done working with the military.

There are many advantages for companies that hire those who have spent time in the military. Soldiers are expected to be disciplined and hard working at all times. They are also supposed to obey orders that are given at any time without complaint. This means that a potential job candidate with military experience will have no problem following orders, working hard and working well under pressure. Highlight those job skills that were gained in the military and get your foot in the door with a variety of companies.

Government programs such as the GI Bill give those who have been in the military the chance to go to school. Most employers want to see that you have a college degree, so getting your education is going to be an important step toward getting a job after the military. Even if you have gone to college it never hurts to advance your learning as much as possible. The government giving you help with tuition should just be another incentive to go as far as you can with your education.

There are a variety of different jobs and experiences that can be gained while in the service. Not all military members are fighting on the front lines. A solider can spend his time working in the mess hall or forecasting the weather. Take opportunities available to you to gain relevant working experience while you are in the military. Employers love those who have experience just as much as they love potential employees who have a college degree. An employer who sees experience on a resume knows that they have a potential employee with an established track record.

The job market is hard for everybody at the moment, but you can still get job opportunities by networking with other service members. Keep in touch with those you got to know while in service and take advantage of those contacts. Anybody can make a great contact down the line so make sure to treat everyone with respect. Doing so could land you a job with a great company someday.

Finding a job after spending some time away in the military can seem like a major challenge. However, there are plenty of ways that a former service member can use their knowledge and experience to get a job once returning home. Gain experience, get your education and keep your contact list handy to find job opportunities and eventually find that great job for yourself.