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The United States Military currently is made up of 20 per cent women, with more and more rising to higher positions within the military. Women in the US Army have served in the same positions as men, including combat situations, since 1994. It may not come as a surprise that the top five military positions for women are nearly all health-based, with nurses, physicians, biomedical sciences and allied health officers topping the list, but what sort of other military employment is there for women?

US Army – women currently serve in 91 per cent of all Army occupations and, although they are not allowed to serve in the infantry or special operations commandos, their roles as support units are bringing them ever closer to front line combat. Women soldiers serve in a number of professional roles including medics (doctors, nurses, operating techs), gunners, truck drivers, helicopter pilots and military police. Women are also working in less traditional roles such as engineering, tactical operations and supply and procurement.

Marine Corps – women have been active in the Marine Corps since 1948, and today account for nearly 5 per cent of all marine officers and 7 per cent of the active duty enlisted force in the Marine Corps. Sixty-two per cent of all positions are now open to women serving in the Marine Corps including electronic warfare specialist, biological and chemical specialist, Intelligence and data systems specialists, Logistics, Nuclear and Ammunition specialists. In fact, other than infantry and special ops, women can fill any position within the Marine Corps.

Navy – women in the navy can enjoy a vast and varied choice of training and careers including formerly stereotypical male roles. From Electronics Technicians to Naval reactors Engineers, the navy is equally keen to train women as men. Women can also learn to work with advanced weapon systems, or construct everything from runways to buildings. Other roles include Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, Air crewman, Navy Diver, or Naval Aviator.

Coast Guard – the US Coast Guard includes extended Search and rescue, Maritime law Enforcement, Environmental Protection, Port Security and Military Readiness. Each position is open to women as well as men, and includes USCG Officers, USCG enlisted, Reserves and Auxiliary. Officers enroll to earn a Bachelor of Science in nautical science, seamanship and law enforcement. USCG enlisted offers dozens of jobs from aviation to law enforcement to maritime patrols.

Air Force – the USAF offers a range of jobs for both women officers and enlisted members. There are four Air Force employment categories, amongst which there are numerous job options and career opportunities, nearly all of which women may apply to; Aviation has ten different tracks that women can apply to, including bomber, fighter, helicopter, generalist, special ops, trainer, reconnaissance warfare and more; Non-Technical jobs include various healthcare positions, command and control, operations and aircraft maintenance; Technical jobs include, amongst others, refueling specialist, crew chef, fire response, search and recover, or administrative support; Specialty includes the Judge Advocate Corps, Chaplaincy or musical units.