Jobs for Military Spouses

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Joining the military is a great way to serve your country. Whether it’s the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, military recruiters are always looking to hire those that seek challenging and rewarding careers. While boot camp training is essential, the Armed Forces also offer a number of non-combat jobs and professions. In fact, several wives of soldiers that are stationed at domestic or international bases; have been able to find jobs working at these bases as well. This includes light clerical jobs, along with military filing positions and other desk-related opportunities. In order to access these jobs, you simply have to speak to a military recruiter, or military jobs placement agency. These are located throughout the nation and can even be found online.

For many soldiers that return home, finding non-military jobs can be hard. With the return of so many soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, the transition to civilian life can also be difficult as well. For one, it is simply not easy to forget everything you’ve been trained for. With job recruiters and placement agencies, they can help make the transition easier. For example: soldiers that studied military journalism while on tour may qualify for civilian journalism jobs. This includes working for a local news agency, or even writing columns for political magazines and online venues. Similarly, those with mapping and graphic skills may find jobs in the cartography sector. It’s simply a matter of matching one’s skills to the right and highest-paying jobs on the market.

A number of couples have also had to sacrifice their professional careers for one another. For example: a husband or wife that is currently serving depends on his or her spouse to take care of the family and household. While this is a great way to secure a strong family unit, it does limit the potential of the other spouse in question. Therefore, there are a number of home-based jobs for military spouses, veterans and non-active personnel as well. This may include envelope stuffing for marketing and fulfillment purposes, or even serving as virtual chat and online customer service agents. These telecommuting positions are all home-based and can secure a substantial side income. The best part is that the spouse never has to leave home, so he or she is always close to the family.

For more high-end and intricate positions, military spouses can also seek post-duty positions within the Armed Forces. With so many positions available in technology, marketing, advertising, journalism and administration, this is also a great way to serve your nation in a more clerically based capacity. While most of these jobs are situated at military bases, a number of them are also in local, state, regional and national military recruitment centers. For those that want international posts, they would need to speak to an international recruitment officer for more details. The latter usually places soldiers at bases in Germany and other bases abroad. Military spouses that want to pursue further education can also access information on military, public, and private grants.